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Poisonous doctor Ma Peng drew back his right hand and said slowly, "I'm just looking at it. It's too Pick up the glass and drink it down, and then fill the glass again. Everyone's eyes were on Dafeng in red, watching her drink a glass of wine completely. Dafeng in red smiled and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, you can believe that there is no poison in this wine.." Yang Jin thought to himself, "It doesn't look like the wine is poisonous. However, since I don't have the intention to get the Polygonum multiflorum, why should I take the risk of drinking?"? In the heart reads turn, the person stepped back quickly however, way: "The old man does not wish to participate in this matter." "Why?" Asked Dafeng in red. "Because I'm not greedy," said Yang Jin. "What are you going to do?" Asked Dafeng in red. "I want to sit on the sidelines," said Yang Jin. "I'm sorry," said the wind in red. "If you don't participate, it has nothing to do with this. This thing is very valuable. No matter who gets it, we have to keep it secret for him. It's better for you to leave." Yang Jin smiled faintly and said, "In that case, I'll have to take part in it." "Laozhang," said Dafeng in red, "now that you've entered Baoshan, Inflatable water park factory , how can you return empty-handed? It's better to bet on luck." Suddenly he stretched out his jade hand and touched thirty-two Pai Gow. each taking wine to drink. Poisonous hand herbalist Ma Peng two pairs of hands tremble a little, turn over a pair of is the ground card that does not have black to match the ground bar of person eight. Of the nine decks of cards, eight had already been opened,inflatable amusement park, leaving only the bearded man in the green shirt. Ouyang Jun was so nervous that his whole body trembled slightly. His eyes were fixed on the man in the green shirt. "Brother," he said, "open the card. You are the only one." 。